Hi, I’m Lou and I’m passionate about living a life filled with the things I love. This blog is all about inspiring you to do the same through health, wellness and happiness. No bull-shit, just simple tips from a typical 30-something looking for more calm in this crazy world.

I moved to Australia from the UK two years ago after a year of solo world travelling. I quit my full-time PR job at a busy London agency in January 2013 and jetted off three months later on a one-way ticket to Russia. I never looked back. I’m now living in Sydney and back in the world of PR, but crave the simple life. While I was away, I particularly fell in love with massage and became qualified as a therapist in Thailand. Countless massages later and my dream was born: to start my own massage business and wellness cafe, serving epic coffee. You’ll therefore see lots of ramblings and reviews from me on all things massage.

Join me on my journey as I try and bring more love into life through good food, adventure, travel, friends, healthy living and, of course, massage. No six-pack abs, kale smoothies or 4am boot-camps I’m afraid.

I love hearing from you and what things bring you love in life. Get in touch if you fancy a chat. You can find me on Instagram, Facebook + Twitter @thelouloves or email me [email protected]

Love Lou xox