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  • pea soup title

    Quick & healthy green pea soup

    I adore peas and try to incorporate them into all my recipes. Unbeknown to me,  I was watching the Food Network on TV this weekend and guess who appeared cooking what? One of my…

    May 11, 2016
  • blissballs

    No-bake cacao peanut butter bliss balls

    I have a very sweet tooth, especially when it comes to chocolate, so these no-bake cacao peanut butter bliss balls are perfect when you fancy a little sweet hit. I’m a big snacker and…

    November 12, 2015
  • muesli

    Quick 10-minute healthy fruit and nut muesli

    This muesli recipe is my go-to when I want something quick, healthy and easy for breakfast (or lunch, dinner…!). I was spending so much on the shop-bought mueslis that I thought I’d attempt my…

    October 15, 2015