Chilly in Chile

June 15, 2016 - by

We’ve arrived! A whole three and a half weeks visiting M’s country, family and friends in beautiful Chile.

Viña del Mar is the nearest beach town to M’s home. It is on the sea if you didn’t already guess!

Overlooking the ports and huge tanker cargo ships.

I’m glad I bought my big feather duffle  jacket as it gets chilly at night.The arty district of Valparaiso which looks down on the sea. It has more than 40 hills, all accessed by funiculars which are more than 200 years old.

So much street art everywhere you turn. And because we are facing West, the sunsets are epic.Pisco sours every day. Food is a big deal here and days are seemingly structured around meal times and sleep. You get up around 10am, eat breakfast, do your activities for the day, lunch is the main meal of the day from 2-4pm, then another siesta 5-7pm, then a light dinner or teatime.Soon we fly north to Iquique where we will visit the Atacama desert and I hope see a condor. We are also going to visit the area where they make Pisco for more tasting sessions.

Love Lou xoxo

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